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Mixotica Cocktail Design is a bar service and hospitality firm with nearly 20 years of industry experience from the Caribbean to Miami Beach to the West Coast. 


We curate exceptional guest experiences through knowledge, quality craft, safety and top-notch hospitality, whether at your event, bar or restaurant.

Through our bartending services, bar and beverage consulting, service and hospitality training and educational services divisions, Mixotica Cocktail Design can help set you apart from the rest and elevate your cocktail game! 



Mixotica Cocktail Design specializes in craft cocktail service and hospitality, with a heavy focus on fresh, quality, handcrafted offerings, showmanship and safety, while never compromising the guest experience.


We are in the business of hospitality and possess the tools, expertise and deep understanding of the world of cocktails, beverages, service, and offer a wide range of services and options tailored to your specific needs.


Check out our                    and get a free, no commitment quote. We would love to have your business and help you impress at your event or special occasion and/or develop and grow your your establishment or business.  

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